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NCAA Rules for Girls will be applied to our games with the following exceptions:

* Be Prepared to play at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled time.

* Teams will be allowed a four (4) minute warm-up with a three (3) minute halftime.

* Two (2) 16-minute stopped halves. For 12 and under, two (2) 14-minute stopped halves. When a team reaches a lead of more than 19 points the clock will continue to run until the lead reaches 12 points.

* Teams with a lead of more than 19 points will not be allowed to press.

* There will be no shot clock so the 10 second backcourt will be in effect.

* Three (3) thirty second timeouts per game. One (1) extra thirty second timeout will be granted for an overtime game.

* Double bonus free throws will occur on the tenth (10) team foul and thereafter, no one-and-one.         GIRLS = Play the release of the ball.

* All common fouls under one minute of play in the 2nd half only will be an automatic two shot foul.

* Players will be disqualified on their fifth (5) personal foul.

* Flagrant fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and ejection from any game will mean suspension from the entire tournament. 

* One overtime period of two (2) minutes will be played. All fouls in overtime will be two shots.   After that, sudden death play will be in effect, and the first team to score any point wins.

* Home teams are listed FIRST and will be considered the "official" book unless otherwise agreed upon by both teams AND the officials before game tip-off.

* All teams are scheduled with four (4) games. Since teams spend a lot of time and money to come to such an event, any team leaving early will not be invited back to future GPS Hoops or Lakers tournaments.

* All 4-0 teams will receive GPS medals for their team members.

* Tournament directors, or the site coordinator, will have the final say on disputed issues.